We’re Open

We are officially open!

Our Mission:

Sanctuary Publishers is a vegan of color owned and operated book publisher committed to creating high quality publication content for the betterment of our world and with a goal of raising the voices of non-human animals, people of color, and the environment.


Our mission is to collaborate with authors and illustrators, as well as, support organizations that have taken an intersectional approach to their work and activism.
It is our belief that marginalized communities have a right to lead their own movements and our role is to help raise their voices and demands in their quest to create a more just world.

Because of this, every book sold will help towards supporting these communities.

Read our story here.


We currently accept submissions and proposals from authors, illustrators, and designers with an understanding that they must make a commitment of our mission as a publisher to “give back.” Bloggers are also welcomed to make proposals and submissions.


If you would like to support a VoC business and help raise the voices of the marginalized, particularly vegans of color, through our work, we invite you to get in touch.

Contact us or make a submission here.
We look forward to hearing from you and forming lasting collaborations that work towards equality for all. 


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