Guest Post: Cametria Hill, A Southern Girl’s Guide to Plant-Based Eating!

Cametria Hill, Sanctuary Publisher‘s newest book author shares the story behind what inspired her recently released book, A Southern Girl’s Guide to Plant-Based Eating: Recipes from the Vegan Soul that Won’t Make You Broke.

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When I think about my own plant-based journey I feel both encouraged, in awe, and most importantly, humbled that I was fortunate enough to find this lifestyle relatively early on in my life. What started out as simply a 90-day detox challenge for my health and wellness along with realizing what my choices were ethically supporting, ended up changing the trajectory and course of my life.

I had always been obsessed with food and had an overall burning desire to want to do something that was ‘bigger’ than me. Something that was inspiring and that served people and helped them have a better quality of life.

I had grown up cooking, and it had always calmed me. However, I had never imagined I could have a career, find my passion through it, and fulfill my dreams because of it. In my research and quest to never half-ass any challenge I embark on in life, the research I did into veganism led me to cultivate my already super curious nature and discover all kinds of produce and foods I had never even heard of. I wanted to explore them and found them beautiful. I had a sort of Lord what have I been missing? kind of moment and obsessed over seeing how I could morph this vegetable into that type of dish that we eat in the South. Before I knew it, I had developed a new cooking style, which was a natural evolution of the type of culinary prowess the South is legendary for producing.


I also say that I am fortunate to have found plant-based cooking because I go back to the question that inspired my book A Southern Girl’s Guide to Plant-Based Eating: Do I know any older black women in good health or not on medication? Sadly, the answer is no. For the longest time, I had resigned to the idea that whenever I hit 40, I would be destined to pick up medicine to keep me alive; a truth for so many that I love. After continual education and training in plant-based cooking, I learned that many ailments that affect my community and loved ones are commonly related to our diets. I didn’t grow up with that information, but I am grateful that I have it well before I am 40 when I have time to start new food habits and a healthy lifestyle.

So, here I am today sharing the stories of my family and my life through dishes that remind me of my journey through them. I hope my book impacts your life in all the beautiful ways being plant-based and vegan have had for me.



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