Wild and Free at PreetiRang Sanctuary

Sales from Andrea Zimmer’s brand new childNew Release Banner squareren’s book Wild and Free will help support residents at Preetirang Sanctuary!

Caretakers of PreetiRang Sanctuary nonhuman animal residents explain that,

At PreetiRang it is our mission to provide the most peaceful and loving environment possible. An environment that allows our family of animals to be themselves, be free of oppression and the violent tendencies of humans. To not feel anxiety, injustice, fear or pressure to be who they are not.  Our slogan is “Every life deserves a chance to express itself” because in considering the most basic and essential aims of our work, it seemed that the central focus of all life forms is simply to live and express their own purpose. Free from violence, oppression or subjugation. We wish this for beings, human and nonhuman animal. 

You can learn more about PreetiRang Sanctuary’s residents here:



Andrea Zimmer and PreetiRang Sanctuary hope to bring children in the CA area some fun reading events in 2019.

Stay tuned for that through the Wild and Free Facebook page!

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Order a copy of Wild and Free through Amazon, your favorite bookstore, or the Sanctuary Publishers’ shop.

Thanks for your support and for spreading the word!


About Wild and Free

Written by Andrea Zimmer

Illustrated by Julia Feliz Brueck

A catchy, repetitive rhyming picture book with beautiful illustrations, Wild and Free helps introduce young children to the concepts of wrong versus right when it comes to animal use and exploitation. It also teaches them to extend their care and empathy towards all.

Written by an elementary school teacher, children will become captivated by the bright imagery of animals they love while examining what it means for them to have a choice in how they interact with and impact others – both nonhuman and human


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