CALLING Vegan Artists (and Writers)!

Submissions are currently welcome from ALL vegans for a vegan/animal rights community book project…


We are looking for vegan artists willing to contribute one or two illustrations for a community-led unique activism book concept that will feature text and artwork from nonhuman animals’ point of view.

Artists, line work and other forms of artwork that translates well into black and white would work best for submissions to this project.

Artwork must be:
• at least 300 dpi resolution (for book printing)
• black & white
• fit on an 8 x 10 inch page
• be related to the prompt below…

Writers: Also welcome to participate with submissions, but at this time, we are specifically looking for pieces that speak against ALL animal exploitation and not individual species.

Prompt for artists (and writers):

If you had one single moment to make a statement and raise the voices of nonhuman animals from their own point of view through your art, what would that look like? What would you say or illustrate to a stranger that might encounter your work?

Remember this is your one chance to speak for ALL nonhumans at once. The visual and images should help the viewer make connections with regards to their hand in the oppression of nonhumans and their *choice* to continue to uphold speciesism.

WHAT: This book is an opportunity for artists and writers to create content that can be used by activists in their own communities to raise the voices of nonhuman animals (Think photocopying and putting up around towns). Many activists do not have a support system, vegan groups, or may experience conditions that prevent them from joining traditional forms of activism, so a book filled with content for them to use would help us give others a way to join the movement as we work towards nonhuman liberation.

DEADLINE: Please email us directly for a deadline (2018):

FYI: Part of the profits for this book will go towards grants to support individuals open to creating microsanctuaries to rescue as many nonhuman as possible and to extend sanctuaries into something that we can all do as outlined by the MicroSanctuary Movement, which provide financial help and support to those able to home rescued farm animals (think mini sanctuaries across the world in a way that is accessible to everyone wanting to help rescue nonhumans as opposed to traditional sanctuaries only accessible to those with large plots of land).

The rest will help Sanctuary Publishers continue to publish books and help marginalize communities. We aren’t a traditional book publisher. We reinvest profits into much needed content.

Benefits to you? You will create awesome work for your portfolio (I know! I know! Your time and work are valuable. Believe me – I know! It’s just up to us to raise the voices of nonhumans). You will also be supporting the rescue of nonhumans and the creation of microsanctuaries while lending a hand to activists that are basically alone or limited in the activism they can take part in. Lastly, your name and portfolio will be credited, so it’s one more way to get your name and work out there.

F.A.Q.: Does the submission have to be an unpublished or new? Yes. We are trying to raise funds for nonhumans and keep costs low since publishing costs money. Sadly, people don’t want to pay for things that are already free or overused. That doesn’t mean you can’t edit your piece(s) to create new ones though even if just adding new text, etc 🙂


Submissions must be anti-speciesist, inclusive/intersectional/consistently anti-oppression in nature, no depicted gore or violence. The aim of the project is to raise the voices of nonhumans without shock tactics. No human saviorship please (this is about nonhumans and their voices). Please absolutely no “vegan flags” or co-opted religious or cultural symbols.

Please share with those that may be interested in this exciting collaboration.
Thanks for helping us make content that supports humans and nonhumans on our journey towards justice for all!


Are you a Copy Editor?

Sanctuary Publishers is looking to form collaborations with editors for specific book projects that are currently in the works.


If you are interested in working with us, please apply with:

  • an letter of interest outlining your skills and any previous experience, as well as why you would like to collaborate with Sanctuary Publishers.
  • a copy of your CV.
  • samples of previous work or a link to your online porfolio if you have one.
  • your rates.


Send your application details to


Sanctuary_Books_10_n92_new_6517 (1)

Illustrator Openings Available

Sanctuary Publishers is looking to form collaborations with illustrators for specific book projects that are currently in the works.


If you fit any of the below three types of illustrators, please apply with:

  • an letter of interest outlining your skills and style of illustration, as well as why you would like to collaborate with Sanctuary Publishers.
  • samples of your work or a link to your online portfolio


Send your application details to

Please note: book projects are royalty based and done under contract.









New Release!

Join us in celebrating the NEW RELEASE of the

Baby and Toddler Vegan Feeding Guide

by author & illustrator Julia Feliz Brueck

as hardcopy and Kindle eBook on Amazon!

Also available at Vegan Essentials.


Thank you for helping to spread the word!

Read about the book through the author here.

A portion of money made from books sold will go to support the important work being done by Chilis on Wheels, an organization helping to feed the homeless and other people in need with vegan food.


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​5 Questions with Author & Illustrator Julia Feliz Brueck

Our first book by vegan author and illustrator Julia Feliz Brueck, The Baby and Toddler Vegan Feeding Guide is now officially published!

Julia tells us a little more about her NEW release in this special five question interview:


Your first published book was a vegan-themed children’s book, how did this new book, specific for parents, come about?

Since the time my son started eating solids, I would share them on social media and get quite a few curious comment about what he ate. One of those times, a fellow vegan on my Facebook left a comment last year saying that she hoped I would help her with what to feed her baby once the time came. At that moment, I decided that I would do it for her and for every parent out there that might need a little nudge, support, or help. I know we are all overtired with very little time once a little one arrives, so if I could use my skills as a researcher and do this to help others while helping nonhumans, as well, I would.

However, something deeper also inspired me to use my experience as a vegan, scientist, and now mother of two. I want to help parents rise above the dangerous pseudoscience that now abounds on social media, and I want to help give parents the tools they need to raise happy, healthy little vegans.

Is this book only for vegans?

Not at all. This is for anyone that needs a little help with finding the right direction in feeding their babies and toddlers a plant based diet. I read once that a possible reason more parents don’t go vegan or raise their kids vegan is because they genuinely might think that veganism is unhealthy for children. Therefore, one of the aims of this guide is to break down negative preconceived ideas about feeding children plant based diets and help families with young ones take the leap towards embracing a vegan life.

You also illustrated the cover and the images inside. Tell us more about those.

This is part of an illustration that I made of my oldest son and I when he was about 18 months, so it has special meaning to me. I thought that a drawn cover illustration would make the guide more personal and hopefully, depict how much love (I know it sounds tacky, but it’s true!) went into every aspect of creating this guide.

What do you hope to accomplish with this new book?

I hope to break down dietary myths, help parents become more evidence aware, and to reassure them, as well as inspire them to embrace plant based diets for their families as part of a commitment towards veganism.

I purposely made this guide short and to the point because I am well aware that with babies and toddlers, every minute of every day is precious, yet it is filled with evidence based tools to feed babies and toddlers. Above all, it is dietician approved, so you can feel secure about starting your little ones off of their own ethical vegan journey.

How does this book fit in with Sanctuary Publisher’s mission?

I made a commitment to myself to use my artistic abilities to raise the voices of the most marginalized. In addition to helping to guide families towards less harm of other living beings, I am excited to announce that a portion of the money made from guides sold will go towards the amazing, woman of color founded organization, Chilis on Wheels. The organization works hard to feed homeless people and those that need a little help each day.

Thank you for your support and for helping in spreading the word!

Order a copy on Amazon or Vegan Essentials!

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We’re Open

We are officially open!

Our Mission:

Sanctuary Publishers is a vegan of color owned and operated book publisher committed to creating high quality publication content for the betterment of our world and with a goal of raising the voices of non-human animals, people of color, and the environment.


Our mission is to collaborate with authors and illustrators, as well as, support organizations that have taken an intersectional approach to their work and activism.
It is our belief that marginalized communities have a right to lead their own movements and our role is to help raise their voices and demands in their quest to create a more just world.

Because of this, every book sold will help towards supporting these communities.

Read our story here.


We currently accept submissions and proposals from authors, illustrators, and designers with an understanding that they must make a commitment of our mission as a publisher to “give back.” Bloggers are also welcomed to make proposals and submissions.


If you would like to support a VoC business and help raise the voices of the marginalized, particularly vegans of color, through our work, we invite you to get in touch.

Contact us or make a submission here.
We look forward to hearing from you and forming lasting collaborations that work towards equality for all. 


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