Submissions Open for a Community-led Unique Vegan Activism Book

Diverse and Casual People and Togetherness


Submissions welcome from ALL vegans for a vegan/animal rights community project:
We are looking for vegan writers and artists willing to contribute work for a community-led unique activism book concept that will feature text and artwork from nonhuman animals’ point of view.
The book will  help support activists that are limited in the forms of activism that they are able to take part in due to reasons that might prevent someone from being able to do other forms of more “visible” activism (disability, mental illness, social anxiety, etc). Why? Because all forms of activism as valuable and, they should know that their voices are also of value and of importance in our movement as we work towards nonhuman liberation.
Artists, line work and other forms of artwork that translates well into black and white would work best for submissions to this project.
Prompt for writers and artists:
If you had one, single moment to make a statement and raise the voices of nonhuman animals from their own point of view through your art or poetry, what would that look like? What would you say or illustrate to a stranger that might encounter your work?
Part of the profits for this book will benefit an animal sanctuary. The rest will help Sanctuary Publishers continue to publish books and help marginalize communities.
Email for details or with a submission or submission idea if you are interested in joining this community effort.
Submissions must be anti-speciesist, inclusive/intersectional in nature, no depicted gore or violence. The aim of the project is to raise the voices of nonhumans without shock tactics. Please email us if you need further clarification on what we are looking for.
Please share with those that may be interested in this exciting collaboration.
Thanks for helping us make content that supports humans and nonhumans on our journey towards justice for all!

Raising the Voices of Vegans of Color


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In collaboration with TAVS – The Advocacy of Veganism Society and the VoC community, Sanctuary Publishers‘ newest book project will work to help raise the voices of vegans of color in an effort to speak up on behalf of nonhuman animals.

Vegans of color have stories to tell—stories about what veganism means to us and our communities. Because of this, we will be working to publish a two volume book set to help vegans of color gain visibility while in turn, continue to help spread veganism within our communities.

Profits from the two volumes will also help sponsor a pro-intersectional veganism starter kit booklet – the first of its kind.

Vegans artists and authors of color are welcome to make submissions towards the books. Guidelines for the types of submissions welcomed can be found on the publishers’ submission page.

If you are not VoC but would still like to help this important project, you can volunteer to help with promotion when the time comes or with graphic design.

You may also help support this project through donations.

Thank you – we are thrilled to bring this work to fruition!